Columbarium Planners was established in 1994, when the concept of creating a perpetual resting place for cremation ashes at church facilities and cemetaries was still relatively new.

CPI is a companion company to The Hayter Firm of Pinehurst, North Carolina. The Hayter Firm is a landscape architecture firm recognized throughout the U.S. for its ability to maximize the functionality of a site, while at the same time creating a plan that elicits a human response to the site with a design inspired by the natural environment.

With this professional heritage, CPI has successfully translated the concepts and principles of resort, community and residential site planning to the specialized application of columbarium planning.

Today, CPI has completed 74 columbarium planning projects. Each was designed specifically for the church or cemetery where they are located, based on particular needs and considerations identified by the client. CPI works closely with church committees, cemetery directors, and architects to design site specific columbarium gardens. No two CPI columbaria are ever alike, because CPI has no pre-conceived, “cookie cutter” designs. Each columbarium is created to fit the unique requirements and physical characteristics of the site where it will be built.

(For more information or to arrange a no-cost columbarium planning consultation for your church, please contact info@columbarium.com.)